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Suncharms cover

whatever happened to....?

the        suncharms.

there's some unfinished business.

distressed tape

things lost feels like the record that the suncharms were destined to make.

'transported, I 

don't know where'

come lay here

let the river hold your hand and

steer you towards the lighthouse where

memories smile tenderly at

a time that didn't happen

a time that did happen

Distressed Texture_11.png

things lost  is a gift to us from the suncharms

distressed tape

just like bandwagonesque

  was a gift from teenagefanclub all those years ago

just like psychocandy

  was a gift from themarychain all those years ago

just like the house of love


you get the picture

Distressed Texture
Distressed Texture


from top



i don't want this  forty  minutes to end.

Distressed Texture
distressed tap.png

three forty five.     lo-fi. chiming. buzzing. swaggering. hazy. dreams to discover. flawless.

satanic rites.     songwriting laid bare. remorse laid bare. stripped back beauty. spacious. flawless

things lost.     a road trip through expansive, hypnotic prairies. tumbling drums. off beat drums. flawless

our ghosts are still dancing

our ghosts are still dancing

our ghosts are still dancing

our ghosts are still dancing

whitby.     lose yourself. let yourself fall. live for the moment. flawless

it doesn't     end  there

daylight is here.     just like honey . cherry came too. some candy talking. it's that perfect.

demonic eyes.     sweet as honey melody. sweet as honey harmony. lo-fi + luscious. through the looking glass into a liminal space. fear and excitement of the unknown. captivating. 

torrential rain.     a bass line that follows the shimmering delay of the guitar melody, casually catching up to unify in perfect harmony.  

my personal fave

the suncharms have redefined perfection



things lost released october 2023 on sunday records

all original photos courtesy of the suncharms


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