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I wanna jump like Dee Dee new logo yellow

the golden hour

golden voices….

"i'm plagued with fear like everyone else, but when i'm behind the drums i am pretty fearless"

- dave barbarossa

"collabs are so great when two artists come together, it should be so awesome when the two worlds meet….and here's my dog 😂"

- tasz muerte

"new york city became the fifth member of my band"

jessica louise dye

"i love to work with emotion, i think emotion is like this sacred experience of our higher selves communicating with our logic mind"

- jennifer finch

"be yourself and remember that yourself is everybody"

- youth

"'debris magazine = pretentious arty shit'. as a young man, i was a bit taken aback but at the same time, i knew i'd made an impact"

- dave haslam

.golden collage

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