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giles sibbald
Giles Sibbald

front of house

of house

   dog house

Giles Sibbald

hand of human connection doodle
distressed heart


here's the 4 second version...

we gotta get outta this place

here's the 24 second version...

         was born on the back of a scooter

on a 2020 road trip round ibiza

my mind free of clutter and noise for the first time

it was time to stop fucking around and

stop worrying about what

other people will think

go on...take a chance     


Giles Sibbald
I wanna jump like Dee Dee banner

"the go-to agency that leads you into a bright, shiny future while nursing that chilled gin 'n' tonic, knowing that you've just lived another great day in your happy life"

- said nobody

valencia street art

 buthow did it get to this?

i had spent a life working, being (mostly) ok at my job, learning stuff, great colleagues, terrible colleagues, travelling the world, being a social intrapreneur trying to change from within….

but it made me ask myself one giantass question

….who the fuck was i? 

my first big discovery was the importance of nurturing  

an experimental mindset  

to create a whatever-sized-ass shift in how I think        

about myself                         

it's not easy, mind -

not for me at least -


to go from people pleaser


to me pleaser

it felt like the liminality would never end





until my second big discovery.

I wanna jump new logo podcast

and then my third big discovery.

I wanna jump journal logo

but how do you go from 

your big discovery moment to 

to figuring out what next?

and then doing something about it?

valencia street art
work on your mindset 

that's it

(ok, maybe not just that)


BUT your mindset holds many secrets and answers

experiment like a scientist does


if something goes wrong,

learn from what happened & try again


don't get too strung out on



"i wanna what? have a butter pie? aye, go on then" 

- my old man (rip)

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