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  • Giles Sibbald

man, i'm sick of setbacks. here's how i fight back

give your body the right tools for the right mindset

So, Hey Sunday is about living life as an experiment, right?

A big experiment comprising of lots of small experiments that make up the different parts of your life.

Passing exams, getting a new job, getting a pay rise, falling in love.

We want these experiments to succeed so that you are making the best out of every situation that you encounter.

But, you’re not going to succeed in all of these first time. Or even second time. It’s also probable you won’t even succeed in some of them at all.

And you will probably feel disappointed.

There are a few ideas that I really like that are helping me to think about setbacks from a new angle.

I’m really disappointed

We feel disappointed when we don’t get the result we wanted.

We should feel this disappointment but the more attached we are to the outcome the more the disappointment becomes an inhibitor to moving forward.

Use it as a spur to look at what went wrong and how to approach the situation next time.

Perhaps you don’t approach it again but, instead, you redefine what success for this situation looks like.

Yeah, my values are important to me

Absolutely they are. We all have values.

If the result isn’t what you wanted but what you’re trying to achieve is still in line with your goals, then look at it as a small setback.

If you can feel that what you are doing is in line with your values, then perhaps you will see outcomes in a more positive light.


What are you really disappointed about?

Last year, I booked a few gigs for a band.

The process (which was me starting from scratch with precious few contacts) was pretty soul destroying.

I think I managed to redefine failure, whereby getting a “No thanks” was a positive result!

Rejection was hurting my fragile ego. I managed to salvage my delicate ego by telling myself that the people I was trying to get through to usually deal with established promoters, not the band directly, and are just so inundated with requests just like mine. And a few other things.

Wasn’t easy, but it worked (and it was true).

I had to detach myself from the outcomes and focus on the process that I was following. If I hadn’t, there would have been tantrums.

I will survive..

Remember to switch off. Get enough sleep. Get enough exercise. Eat well. Give your body the right tools for the right mindset.

What's the buzz?

Mindset = persistence = resilience = focus on your goals.


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