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riven by the unchecked capitalism of a global system where fear seems to be the catalyst for so many decisions and actions

RUTS DC Toneladas poster
RUTS DC Toneladas poster
RUTS DC Toneladas poster

the world yesterday

the world today

babylon's burning

babylon's burning

with anxiety

with anxiety

It’s comforting to roll back the years to recall "the good times, the better times". Were they really better times? Perhaps. In some ways. But in so many ways, we're facing the same issues as we did back in the day, but they feel a whole lot more painful, they cut a whole lot deeper

It used to drive me nuts when my mum would offer the immortal words Ooooh, them were the days

Nostalgia reminds me that my own good times of days gone by are gone forever but it also gives me gratitude for having experienced them.

There's the bittersweet paradox

I wonder what she’d think of what’s happening now, bless her soul

of nostalgia

Ruts DC were part of such a turbulent, exciting and groundbreaking musical and cultural heritage. Their music and words can guide us, help us to learn from that heritage, help us to work towards a better future

So let's use the positivity of nostalgia.

Let's use it to inspire ourselves and others

Let's use it to create unity with those who have shared those experiences, with those willing to listen

Let's use it to reinvigorate our own actions for change

Let's use it to kill the pain of what's happening today

 Give Me Something to Kill The Pain GODDAmMIT!

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

Remarkably, they have not played in Spain before, either in their current or previous incarnation as The (tragically short-lived) Ruts. That’s all changed now having played shows in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Cangas do Morrazo. They’re off now to Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland

So. Back to that historic night in Valencia

and when Segs, Ruffy and Leigh take to the stage at 9.45pm, I feel a knot of pride and joy at a band that has never stopped believing.

Segs Jennings and Dave Ruffy of RUTS DC

What happened to the voice of freedom? 

That kept us breathing. 

Should we stop believing?

they brood, they snarl, they rage, they smoulder, they mourn, they ask questions, they listen with compassion

they never surrender their integrity

they never surrender


from the opener, Faces In The Sky, to encore closer, Psychic Attack, Ruts DC invite us in with open arms to be a part of their journey through a catalogue that’s as diverse as it is beautiful and a belief system that’s full of hope

Ruffy’s precision, swing and melodic inventiveness on the drums, Segs’ insistent, emphatic punk ’n’ dub bass lines and impassioned vocals and Leigh’s shimmering, haunting, eloquent, eye of the needle guitar artistry are all expertly mixed by sound engineer Dave Hall.

Seeing them this close-up is a joy. It’s thunderous. It’s like being part of a gang, a community that’s full of positivity, one that can turn the tables. There’s a power in that. I’ve often said to anyone that will listen (the numbers are waning, people!) that there are a few musicians, artists, bands who, whilst they are still getting up on stage, make me believe that everything that’s wrong with this fucked up world will be ok. 

and that is how I felt when I left this historic show

No pasarán

No pasarán


faces in the sky


you're just a….

it was cold

x ray joy

dangerous minds

kill the pain

west one (shine on me)


counter culture

born innocent

jah war

poison games

something that I said

babylon's burning


pretty lunatics

staring at the rude boys

psychic attack

Big shout outs to Liam, Dave, Nick and Rubén for their massive contributions

PS Hearing Mighty Soldier being soundchecked is pretty cool too

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